The main objective of Western Union and Correos for their tactical Christmas campaign was first of all to connect with the immigrant target, show their more humane nature on Christmas dates and place themselves in the top of mind of financial services to carry out shipments of Money for the rest of the year.
As a secondary objective, it sought to generate traffic to a microsite to capture qualified leads to expand its database to offer its financial services.


The video and the rest of the pieces that presented the concept of NAVI-DAD and received managed to generate great traffic to the microsite of the promotion, and thanks to this the company registered more than 5,000 qualified leads to incorporate into its database. Similarly, through this action both companies successfully transmitted their more humane dimension on especially sensitive dates.

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¿Por qué será que en estos días pensamos más en los demás, nos volvemos un poco más humanos, más aWhy is it that these days we think more about others, we become a little more human, more generous …? Therefore we developed the Christmas campaign of Post and Western Union under the concept “Christmas and receive” from the word NAVI-DAD.

Through the website “”, all people who go to a post office at Christmas and send money through Western Union, may opt for the money sent to a family member or friend to be returned . In addition, they can send special checks of kisses, hugs, laughs … to their loved ones.

Yes. The spirit of Christmas seized us.
generosos…? Por ello desarrollamos la campaña de Navidad de Correos y Western Union bajo el concepto “Navidad y recibid” a partir de la propia palabra NAVI-DAD.

A través de la web “”, todas las personas que durante las Navidades vayan a una oficina de Correos y envíen dinero a través de Western Union, podrán optar a que el dinero enviado a algún familiar o amigo les sea devuelto. Además, podrán mandar cheques especiales de besos, abrazos, risas… a sus seres queridos.

Si. El espíritu de la Navidad, se apoderó de nosotros.


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