Amway Internal Convention 2017


We are in charge of managing the internal convention “Leadership Training Seminar Morocco 2017”. An event that brought together in Morocco between May 14 and 20, more than a thousand distributors of Amway, one of the largest direct sales companies in the world.

In this event beon. was fully responsible for logistics management during the six days that the meeting took place.

Given the high number of attendees, the guests were divided into two smaller groups of 640 and 440 people who stayed in two areas of the country: El Jadida and Marrakech. Both locations were the nerve centers where the various activities organized for the group took place, the first of them for holding internal meetings and the second for the development of various incentive activities.


Columna N

work done

On 16 and 18 they were selected to carry out the plenary sessions in El Jadida. For this, the different brands of the group take care of the graphic production, floral decoration of one of the gala dinners, as well as the production of the minutes and the adaptation of the designs to the different advertising supports.

For both groups to enjoy both locations, the crossing of both took place on the 17th, which logically involved the coordination of more than 20 buses accompanied by trucks carrying the luggage of the attendees.

In Marrakech a city tour and two dinners were organized. One of them in the El Palmeral area, where a typical Moroccan camp was set up, in which the most varied activities were carried out and in which Moroccan style and customs were not lacking. In this sense, the attendees enjoyed various entertainments such as a “fantasy” show of horses, a show of acrobats and fire eaters, folk dances, as well as a chill out area with smoking shisha, a craft bread workshop and corners where they could get tattoos with henna.

The second dinner, on this gala occasion, was held at the Palacio de Jbilates, a space in which the lighting was managed by the production team, who decorated the room with the brand’s corporate colors and in which attendees They were able to enjoy a belly dance show.