The Tecnocasa Group celebrated the XVIII Annual Convention at the Palacio de Congresos de Marbella, an edition in which the real estate group also celebrated its 20th anniversary in Spain.


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One more year we take care of the integral organization of the event. Under a futuristic aesthetic the next 20 years of the company were projected since the aim was to celebrate the company’s two decades.

In this way, the presenters, Leo Harlem and Lara Álvarez, made continuous trips to the future to tell the news of a hypothetical future of the Tecnocasa group in Spain. They did it through a spectacular scenery inspired by futuristic science fiction cinema.


FIP 2014 Awards. Gold

Best corporate and

commercial event

Premios Eventoplus 2014. Plata

Best show

Premios Eventoplus 2014. Bronce.

Mejor convention

Premios FIP 2013. 

Best original idea