Your global communication solution

We are specialized in marketing, communication and public relations.

Your global communication solution

We get involved with your brand in order to generate the most adequate actions in advertising, promotional marketing, and direct marketing, and carry out the most correct presentations for the launch of your products


An effective strategic communication plan is the one with the following mission: identifying its groups of interest, connect with them through the most adequate channel, select the appropriate messages and clearly transmit them with effectiveness.


We are specialists in all digital marketing fields. We are in charge of carrying out the marketing actions needed for achieving your objectives. We create digital marketing strategies for increasing your notoriety of your brand in networks, improving the relations of your business with its public.

We are specialized in marketing, communication and public relations.

We form a multidisciplinary specialized team with domain in marketing, communication, the creation and web design. We involve ourselves with the projects, with our clients and their objectives.

The product communication starts with the design of a previous strategy, with the purpose of selecting those most adequate communication tools, depending on the case. We look for those channels which are able to transmit the intrinsic values of the product, throughout the attractive elaboration of the contents for communicate, looking for clearness and credibility. 

What we do

We wage for the design and innovation as the indispensable tools for differentiating ourselves form the competitors.


The objective of the corporative communication is transmitting a series of ideas and concepts related with the company. It is very important taking into consideration that everything in the organization communicates: employees, collaborators, as its structure, processes, strategies and decisions.


Starting from a previous analysis in order to know which is the specific mean and the format that best fits the needs of our client. In bigBite we negotiate and manage means offline and online: press, online means, radio, TV, sponsors, etc.


When we talk about sponsoring, we talk about an open window display to an objective public that helps companies to drive and strengthen their brand. Being this one of our less intrusive actions and that is perceived by the public in a natural way.


The marketing email is one of the main pillars for the digital communication of any company and an essential tool for achieving all the objectives proposed in your companies of online marketing.


Why do allocate budget in the launch of a new product? Just as there is allocation of a manufacture, investigation or development line item of a product, it is necessary doing it also for the communication campaign of its launch.


The communication is the best showcase of the businesses, this is why it is essential the design of a communication plan as another tool in the strategy of your business, as well as in your commercial objectives


The social networks have changed the relation we have with our clients. The presence on social media is the most direct way of interaction with your users that allows us knowing better our public.


We develop strategic and operational plans and we offer our services of Social Media Marketing for achieving the objectives of your business.